Our Process

Initial Safety Checks

A typical inspection begins with your technician conducting a visual check of the easily accessible areas (both interior, and exterior) of the chimney and fireplace areas. Your inspector will be looking for the soundness of the chimney and flue and keeping an eye out for any obstructions or blockages, including birds’ nests, soot, and creosote buildup (the leading cause of chimney fires). The chimney inspector will also check the quality of your fireplace installation, fire + heat safety clearances, the structural integrity of the chimney and lining and the security of any gas appliance connections.

If Your Technician Suspects There Is Further Damage…

At this point, if there is an area of concern(or if you have made changes to your chimney system), your technician will conduct a more in-depth scan of the fireplace and chimney areas. This will include checking for safety concerns if your home has experienced a dramatic event, such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. This usually requires special tools, but no form of demolition.

They will then perform a chimney scan. During this process, the technician will operate a specialized remote camera system to get an in-depth view of areas of the chimney and furnace. In order to obtain the best visuals for a chimney scan, the chimney area may need to be swept first to remove any excess debris. This can take upwards of 20 – 30 minutes.

The remote camera system can turn corners and travel up to 30 to 40 feet into your chimney. The camera’s size and capabilities can capture blockages and cracks beyond the abilities of the visual check, simply because the system is more agile. This scan also allows for more intensive inspection without requiring removal of parts of the chimney or structural areas.

If Serious Chimney Damage Is Found Or Suspected…

Concealed areas of the chimney system will need to be inspected. Chimney service technicians may be required to remove permanently attached parts of the chimney or the building structure in order to gain access to potential blockages or other areas with issues. This is generally a final step in order to confirm that major repairs and/or restoration must be completed to bring the chimney system back into safe working order.

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